Thin-Film Coatings and Linings

Thin-film coatings and linings are generally designed for immersion in mildly-corrosive chemical solutions or in situations where product purity or product release is a critical factor. 

Thin-Film Coating and Lining Application Services

Thin-film systems used as linings require a higher standard of surface preparation than those used as external coating systems. Equipment design and fabrication quality are key in achieving a continuous lining system free of voids or defects that can adversely affect long-term performance. Arbonite’s experienced and trained technicians apply all of our corrosion protection coating and linings with care. We offer the convenience of on-site lining application or spraying at our location in Doylestown, PA.

Common Uses for Anti-Corrosion Thin-Film Coatings and Linings

Thin-film coatings and linings are generally solvent-borne, and therefore usually applied at film thicknesses less than 20 mils (0.020″). They are effective in protecting industrial equipment from frequent fume, splash and spill exposure. Arbonite’s thin-film coating and lining systems can increase chemical and scratch resistance for devices or products that are used by many professionals in many manufacturing and industrial fields.

  • Concentrated sulfuric acid storage tank coatings/linings
  • Caustic storage tank coatings/linings
  • Liquid bulk carrier coatings/linings
  • Chemical process tank coatings
  • Water/wastewater treatment vessel coatings/linings
  • Valve coatings
  • Pipe system coatings
  • Freeze-drying (lyophilization) chamber coatings/linings
  • Power generation process equipment coatings
  • Petrochemical/petroleum process equipment coatings
  • Pulp/paper process equipment coatings
  • Food/beverage processing equipment requiring FDA-compliant coatings/linings

Advantages of Thin-Film Coatings and Lining Systems

Thin-film linings and coatings, by definition, are films that are less than 20 mils (0.020″) in thickness. Equipment that is frequently immersed in mild acids, solvents, mild alkalis and salts can benefit from a thin-film lining system. Thin-film products are generally spray-applied systems and are advantageous if you need to achieve full coverage of complex structures.

Typical thin-film coating systems include:

  • Inorganic and organic zinc primers
  • Epoxies
  • Polyurethanes
  • High-heat silicones
  • Acrylics

Typical thin-film lining systems include:

  • Baked phenolics
  • Epoxies
  • Epoxy-phenolics
  • Epoxy-novolacs

Find out if a thin-film coating or thin-film lining is the proper corrosion protection product for you. Contact us directly at 215-348-2950 or through our online form.

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