Secondary Containment Lining Systems

Arbonite specializes in containment lining systems that are bonded to the containment substrate, typically concrete, to withstand short-term immersion (72 hours or less) in the stored chemical solution.

When hazardous or regulated substances are stored in aboveground bulk storage tanks, a secondary containment system is generally required. Arbonite’s secondary containment systems prevent discharged material from contaminating groundwater and drive the mitigation process in emergency situations. 

Arbonite will engineer and install the ideal secondary containment solution based on your unique chemical storage scenario, weighing factors such as cost, downtime, substrate condition and chemicals being stored.

Containment options include:

  • Spray-applied elastomeric or reinforced systems
  • Roller-applied elastomeric or reinforced systems
  • Trowel-applied, aggregate-filled epoxy and vinylester systems
  • Elastomeric sheet rubber systems
  • Koroseal PVC sheet

Our Field Services team is available to perform all aspects of these installations, from surface preparation to final quality control testing. Contact us directly at 215-348-2950 or through our online form.

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