We have focused on only one thing since 1946combatting corrosion to keep your operation running.

We know that keeping your business up and running is mission critical and that every corrosion problem can present a unique challenge for your business. At Arbonite, our only job is to deploy our expertise to solve your toughest corrosion problems – because nothing is more important than keeping your business running.

We have over 210 years of cumulative technician expertise, passed on through generations of proud craftsmen, who have done it all and seen it all. Whether we’re coating and protecting your tanks and components or for those of your customers, we have a toolkit of solutions which allows us to implement or innovate every solution for your particular needs – rubber linings, sprayables and plastic dipping.

Products and options keep changing, so we’re always testing the best application solutions. We provide the lowest cost per year of service because it’s done right by experts who make it last. That’s why our average client tenure is 20 years.

When we coat or seal a tank or a valve, we’re helping your customers and your employees stay in business and grow. Experience, expertise and a history of solving the toughest corrosion challenges – we combat corrosion like no other to keep your operation running.