Koroseal® Linings

Arbonite is a skilled applicator of Koroseal sheet polyvinyl chloride (PVC) lining systems.

  • Koroseal is an extruded, plasticized, PVC sheet membrane combining the chemical resistance of polyvinyl chloride with the flexibility for relative ease of application.
  • The lining system is engineered to resist oxidizing and non-oxidizing acids, as well as mild alkalis and salts at operating temperatures up to 150°F.
  • Koroseal tank lining applications require the use of skilled and experienced technicians to provide long-lasting protection of tanks used in chrome, nickel, copper, and zinc plating solutions.
  • Whether at our shop or at your facility, we are capable of performing complete lining applications on new or used equipment, or repairs of existing Koroseal lining systems.

Please contact us directly at 215-348-2950 or through the form on this page to learn more about how Arbonite can help you with the application and/or maintenance of your Koroseal tank lining system.

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