Koroseal® Linings

Koroseal® linings are extruded, plasticized, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheet membranes that provide superior protection against oxidizing and non-oxidizing acids, mild alkalis and salts.

Koroseal® thermoplastic, protective linings are specifically compounded formulations with superior resistance to strong corrosive chemistry. They are flexible and can be bonded to containment vessels in a variety of sizes and shapes. In addition to excellent tear and abrasion resistance, the material exhibits exceptional chemical-resistance properties.

Skilled Koroseal® Applicators

Arbonite is a corrosion protection & tank lining company staffed with skilled applicators of Koroseal®. Our technicians will provide lining installation services at our location in Doylestown, PA or at your facility. Properly installed Koroseal® linings protect and increase the longevity of industrial and manufacturing equipment frequently exposed to chemicals, acids, mild alkalis, alcohol, and salts. We have the capability and resources to apply or repair Koroseal® protective linings to new or used equipment. Learn more about our on-site lining application services.

Common Uses for Koroseal® Linings

Koroseal® linings are a premier corrosion solution for any industry that frequently uses liquid containment vessels, chemical processing tanks, and industrial plating equipment. The synthetic plastic compound is highly effective in protecting equipment used in chrome, nickel, copper and zinc plating solutions.

  • Industrial tanks
  • Plating tanks
  • Water treatment pits 
  • Cooling towers
  • Process and storage tanks
  • Anodizing equipment
  • Ventilation systems

Advantages of Koroseal® Linings

Koroseal® protective linings are a cost effective and engineered to resist oxidizing and non-oxidizing acids as well as mild alkalis and salts at operating temperatures up to 150°F.

  • Highly customizable based on your industry’s specific needs
  • Adhere to steel or concrete in any shape or size
  • Bonding is not necessary for all uses which results in less preparation time
  • Resistant to abrasion, tears, chemical corrosion, electrical and sunlight damage resulting in increased service longevity of industrial equipment

Contact Arbonite by filling out our online form or calling 215-348-2950 to discuss the application, inspection and maintenance of Koroseal® lining systems.

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