Meet The Team

We’ve Seen it All, Done it All

Arbonite is a widely recognized coating and rubber lining applicator. With a team that possesses over 210 years of cumulative technician experience, we are one of the leading coating and lining applicators in North America. Given our vast wealth of experience and an average employee tenure of 20 years, we are confident that there are very few, if any, corrosion problems that we’ve yet to see or solve.

Arbonite - The Corrosion Fighting Team

Roger K. Hughes

Director of Operations

A graduate of Williamson College of the Trades in 1991 with a degree in Structural Coatings Technology, Roger came to Arbonite in January 1996 as an Estimator/Project Manager. With nearly 30 years of experience working in the coating and lining industry, he is responsible for the engineering, quality assurance and performance of all shop and field service projects.

Kenneth Hickey

Rubber Lining Lead

Ken started his coating and lining career in 1966 with Metalweld in Philadelphia, PA as a Rubber Lining Technician, specializing in field service installations. He joined the Arbonite team in 1981 as a Rubber Lining Technician, performing many quality lining installations in both the shop and field. With over 50 years of rubber lining application experience under his belt, Ken is instrumental in training the next generation of quality applicators currently being groomed for success at Arbonite.

James L. Gibbas

Rubber Lining Tank Lead

Jim has nearly 40 years of experience in the coating and lining industry – he started in 1980 with Penn Line Industries in King of Prussia, PA and arrived at Arbonite in 1995. In that time, Jim has become proficient in the application of all types of lining materials, from sprayable epoxies, baked phenolics and vinyl esters to sheet-applied materials, such as rubber lining and Koroseal® PVC. Given the broad range of his practical experience, it’s safe to say that there simply is not much out there in our industry that Jim has not seen before.

Jeff Warren

Shop Production Lead

Our longest-tenured employee, Jeff has been a member of the Arbonite team since 1979. Hired as a Finishing Specialist in our PVC department, he worked diligently to gain experience in all types of sprayable coating and lining applications from Arbosol® PVC to baked phenolics, and everything in between. Jeff currently oversees our shop production activities, utilizing his wealth of experience to ensure that all projects are performed to Arbonite’s highest quality standards.

Santos Vargas

Field Service Manager

Hired in 2010 as an Abrasive Blaster, Santos was a quick-study who advanced rapidly to the role of Lining Technician, where he mastered all types of spray and sheet-lining applications. Since 2013, he has been a fixture on our Field Service team and was promoted to his current role in early 2017. Santos is a PADEP Certified Tank Lining (TL) installer, certification no. 5965.

Heather Yoder

Rubber Lining Valve Lead

Heather has been a valued member of the team since 1995, specializing in the application of rubber linings in diaphragm valve bodies. Having performed these applications for over 20 years, she possesses both the knowledge and experience to oversee and perform all aspects of Arbonite’s valve lining projects, from surface preparation to finishing.