Thick-Film Linings

Thick-film linings are applied to the interior of industrial equipment that contains highly-corrosive materials or operates under dry abrasive or wet slurry conditions.

Tanks and vessels containing hazardous waste must be handled with care and Arbonite’s technicians are fully trained in OSHA regulations to perform at the highest industry standards.

Thick-Film Application Services

Arbonite employs skilled technicians that offer thick-film lining application and industrial corrosion protection services at our location in Doylestown, PA or in the field at your job site. Whether you have new or existing equipment, our corrosion protection coating and linings will be properly installed at a cost effective price point.

Common Uses for Thick-Film Linings

  • Diesel fuel storage tank bottoms
  • Condenser waterboxes, tubesheets, and circulated water piping
  • Carbon filters and demineralizer tanks
  • Slurry tanks and agitators
  • Water and waste water process equipment
  • Chemical storage and process vessels

Advantages of Thick-Film Linings

Thick-film linings are used in tanks and process equipment that require a lining system in excess of 20 mils (0.020″) total dry film thickness. Frequently these environments require resistance to aggressively corrosive chemicals or abrasion-resistance in slurry or dry-abrasive conditions. 

  • Barrier protection provides superior resistance to corrosion and chemical attack in harsh service conditions
  • Can be reinforced with glass flake or mat to provide enhanced tensile and flexural strength
  • High film build allows for pinhole-free application over pitted surfaces in used equipment

Typical thick-film systems include:

  • Vinyl esters
  • Epoxy-novolacs
  • Ceramic-filled or reinforced epoxy systems
  • High-build, abrasion-resistant urethanes

Arbonite is ready to help you solve difficult corrosion and abrasion problems in harsh chemical environments, contact us online or by calling 215-348-2950.

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