An exclusive Arbonite product, Darkar NoSkid™ is a patented, vinyl-based, anti-slip coating system traditionally used in transport equipment to create non-skid surfaces and improve safe footing in high foot traffic areas.

Application Services for Anti-slip coatings

At Arbonite, we understand that safety is a top priority when it comes to the surfaces you, your employees, and your customers tread on daily. It is our commitment to help keep your operation running safely by delivering top quality and cost-effective anti-slip solutions. Our skilled technicians are trained in our proprietary application process of Darkar NoSkid™ coatings to meet or exceed federal safety requirements. Located conveniently in Doylestown, PA, Arbonite is your shop for anti-slip coating applications. 

Common Uses for Non-Slip Coatings

Industrial non-slip coatings are necessary to maintain safe footing. If you are looking for a safety solution in areas that frequently get wet from rain, snow, or other liquid contents, a traction coating like Darkar NoSkid™ creates slip resistance and reduces the potential for accidents. 

Common applications areas include:

  • Metal-fabricated outdoor steps, ladders, and landings
  • Decks, mezzanines, catwalks, and entryways
  • Aluminum industrial flooring
  • Cooler and food storage areas where condensation occurs
  • Industrial ramps

Industries we frequently serve include:

  • Chemical processing facilities
  • Water treatment zones
  • Transportation industry including railroad passenger cars

Advantages of Darkar NoSkid™ Anti-Slip Coating Systems

Darkar NoSkid™ anti-slip coatings can vary in thickness, commonly between 40 mils (0.040″)  and 125 mils (0.125″). The coating system is chemically bonded to stainless steel, aluminum, or mild steel to provide superior adhesion to the substrate. Protecting industrial flooring with a non-slip coating does more than improve safety and reduce accidents. Darkar NoSkid™ is also resistant to a wide range of acids and alkalis and creates an anti-corrosive barrier. And, because it also provides excellent abrasion resistance, you can reduce costly maintenance expenses. Arbonite’s anti-slip coatings are versatile and the application process can be customized to meet the needs of your industry.

  • Wide variety of shapes and sizes can be coated with non-skid systems
  • Can be utilized in conjunction with heating elements
  • Multiple color options are available upon request, and multi-color applications for safety and visibility can be applied. Standard colors include gray, black, and yellow.

Tests and Standards for Darkar NoSkid™ Anti-Slip Coatings

All applications of Arbonite’s Darkar NoSkid™ coatings follow federal requirements outlined in Federal Railroad Administration 49 CFR 238.103. Our non-skid coatings have undergone a number of tests to be deemed suitable for use in passenger railcars:

  • ASTM D-2047-93 Static Coefficient of Friction
  • NFPA 259-98 Potential Heat of Combustion
  • ASTM E-648/NFPA 253 Critical Radiant Flux of Floor Covering Systems
  • ASTM E-662 Surface Flammability
  • Boeing BSS-7239 Smoke Toxicity

Learn more about how Arbonite’s Darkar NoSkid™ coating system can resolve safety, corrosion and abrasion concerns for your passenger railcar components or other high foot traffic industrial areas. Contact us online or call 215-348-2950.

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