Liquid Bulk Carriers – DOT Inspections

Arbonite serves owners and lessees of mild-steel and stainless steel liquid bulk transportation equipment used to transport hazardous and corrosive liquid solutions such as hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite, dilute sulfuric acid, spent acid solutions and various alkali solutions.

We perform complete lining installations for new or used equipment and, in most cases, can even remove the existing linings from used equipment. We also repair existing linings, regardless of who performed the initial installation.

Inspection Services & Lining Installation for Liquid Bulk Carriers

Arbonite performs on-site inspections, repairs and complete lining installations for liquid bulk carriers and most trailer types. Trust the experts in corrosion protection products to complete your lining application safely and efficiently. Tasks performed in the field allow you to maintain lower costs because we eliminate the hassle of moving equipment away from the service area. The list of linings available includes: 

In addition to our Liquid Bulk Inspection services and on-site lining application services, Arbonite’s trained technicians can remove and apply a new external paint system on the exterior of mild-steel trailers.

Certified and Licensed by US Department of Transportation (DOT)

Arbonite is a leading corrosion protection and tank lining company and we take safety and regulations seriously. Arbonite is registered with the US Department of Transportation (DOT) to perform lining (L) and internal visual (I) inspections to lined, liquid bulk carriers in accordance with Section 107.503 of Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations (49CFR). Our registration ID number is CT-14276.

Let us provide a lining solution for your liquid bulk carrier and equipment.  For on-site liquid bulk inspections and repair services, contact Arbonite directly at 215-348-2950 or contact us online.

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