At Arbonite, we are enthusiastic, hardworking, and passionate about our business. Our people make the difference.

Arbonite is a team of trained and certified technicians that possesses over 200 years of combined experience. We are industry recognized leaders and experts in corrosion protection and the application of protective coatings for industrial equipment

We offer a wide range of products and services to our customers, but safety and having a trained and certified staff are top priorities at Arbonite.

Arbonite is an expert in field services and on-site maintenance, installation and repair. We are PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) certified. Our staff is certified to NACE Certified Inspection Program (CIP) Level I. And, everyone is fully trained in OSHA regulations and enrolled in the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) program. And, we are registered with the US Department of Transportation (DOT) to perform lining and internal visual inspections to liquid bulk carriers.


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